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Suan Booker and Jerry Shevick with dogsOwners Jerry Shevick and his wife Susan Booker, are long time pet lovers and advocates. As they became aware of how their own pets were treated after their deaths, they also discovered that many other people didn't know what happens. Thrown into the back of pick-up trucks, crammed into freezers, stored in garbage bags – that is the status quo. Jerry and Susan knew that they could create a better system -- why couldn't there be a company where pets received the same respect in death as they did in life?

With two young children, Jerry and Susan also have strong feelings about environmental responsibility and felt that cremation wasn't the right choice. Grossly polluting and horribly energy inefficient, it seemed that cremation was an archaic technology.  An ex-television executive, Jerry was an Executive Vice President for media giant Hearst Communications for 20 years. During his stay he ran their production company, which billed nearly $20 million annually. But, after 30 years in television, he was looking for a change and that coincided with their discovery of Aquamation. Peaceful Pets Aquamation is the perfect intersection of Jerry's and Susan's environmentally conscious lifestyle and their love and respect for animals.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation is a company designed for the pet lover. We wanted people to know that there is a company out there that shares their values and will treat their pet like their own. We absolutely wanted to be environmentally friendly. We did not feel damaging the earth is a way to honor our pets, particularly when there is a viable, proven and financially equivalent method. We wanted a company where we could find all the resources that we might need when these sad times arise: a good book to help our kids get over the loss, grief counselors for the adults, and urns and keepsakes that celebrate the life of a pet. And, when the time comes, a listing of all the rescue groups to help bring another pet into the family. We have done all of that and more. We are the first environmentally friendly and full service Petuary. Respect your pet, respect yourself and respect the environment.

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