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Our Mission

We believe that animals deserve the same respect in their aftercare as they do in life. We have designed our company to guarantee, every step of the way, that your animal is treated with the honor that they deserve. Few, if any, companies go to the extent that we go.

We also believe honoring your pet means not degrading the environment, particularly when there is an alternative. Aquamation is that alternative. Aquamation is an established and successful technology that has only recently been adapted for the general public. It is the necessary future of aftercare.

We know losing a companion is difficult and we want to help you through it. We are always available to talk and advise you. Our website can support you with everything from grief counselors to different ways to celebrate and remember your companion.

Lastly, we believe that doing the right thing shouldn't be more expensive. It is priced comparably to reputable cremation services.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation is a local Southern California company owned and run by both pet owners and advocates.  It serves Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is the natural process known as alkaline hydrolysis. Using water flow, temperature and alkalinity, it is more like natural decomposition than any other method - Aquamation just accelerates the process.

Following the Aquamation process, only the bones remain. Unlike cremation, they contain no black, carbonized ash and fewer bone fragments. We believe a cleaner sand makes it easier to hold on to the precious memories of your pet.

While cost isn't always a factor in the loss of a loved companion, Aquamation is priced at, or below the cost of cremation or burial.

Why use Aquamation?

Aquamation is a totally green, environmentally friendly technology. Unlike traditional cremation, there are no toxic emissions and no contribution to green house gases. Alkaline hydrolysis has a carbon footprint that is only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces, cuts natural gas use by 90%, carbon dioxide emissions by 90%, electricity by 66%, and it is 100% mercury free.That adds up to only using 1/20th of the energy that cremation does. These are enormous reductions. As an example, the cremation of a small cat takes approximately 2 million BTU's of energy. This amount of energy would heat your home for three days in -15 degree weather.

The remaining water is not only benign, it is beneficial. Used in the environment, it gives soil back its nutrients in a natural, non-chemical way.

It is a gentle process, preserving your pet's dignity. Making this environmentally conscious choice is a wonderful way to honor your pet.

List of Veterinarians

Alkaline Hydrolisis

Aquamation is a term that has been widely adopted for the scientific process known as alkaline hydrolysis. It is essentially an accelerated version of what takes place in natural decomposition.Two of the primary ways a body decomposes when buried are interaction with alkali in the soil, which begins the alkaline hydrolysis process and, the way insects help to decompose a body. The internal operation that insects use is actually alkaline hydrolysis. In fact, alkaline hydrolysis is how all humans extract nutrients from food in our small intestines. Aquamation really is the closest process to nature that is available. In a sense, it is the opposite of burning by fire. Burning is an oxidative process where alkaline hydrolysis is a reductive process. In fact, even chemicals such as cytotoxic drugs (i.e. chemotherapy drugs), viruses etc. are broken down into basic nutrient elements, rendering them non-toxic. Alkaline hydrolysis was instrumental in eradicating Britain's Mad Cow disease for this very reason.

There are several ways that alkaline hydrolysis can be accomplished. Peaceful Pets Aquamation uses a patented machine that uses:

  • Gentle water flow
  • Low temperature
  • A small amount of alkali (approximately a 5% solution).

The process is truly gentle, taking 20 hours to complete.

See our Aquamation Video

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Water Cremation

As with any new process, there are many people who try to use Aquamation's advantages for their own benefit. There is no such thing as cremation by water or aqua cremation. Cremation is an oxidative process, meaning it reduces a body by incinerating it. Aquamation is a gentler, water based process, far from cremation.

Respecting a pet doesn't have to be more expensive. Peaceful Pets Aquamation approaches its business with a level of conscientiousness rarely seen in the industry.

Honoring Your Pet

Years before Peaceful Pets Aquamation formed, owners Jerry Shevick and Susan Booker happened to see someone's dog, stuffed in a black garbage bag, thrown into the back of a pick-up truck and then covered with a tarp. And, this was in the heat of a Los Angeles summer! This was, and still is, the prevalent way pets are picked up by crematories across the nation. It was enough to plant the seed that there was a better way to handle a deceased pet. Peaceful Pets Aquamation's mission became to respect an animal in its death as much as its owner did in life. They decided to treat all animals as they wanted their animals to be treated.

Catalog for Urns & Mementos

With such improvements as a customized refrigerated truck, stylish and environmentally friendly urns, a website that offers resources for the grieving and an active force in animal related charity, they are re-defining what has been a remarkably unknown and archaic part of the pet world, one that has been hidden from the very consumers it serves.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation uses a customized, refrigerated truck to pick-up pets. It is virtually the only company who respects your pet all the way through the aftercare process.

We are proud to be members of the:

  • Southern California Veterinary Association
  • International Association of Animal Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians
A new process sometimes means new questions. Feel free to contact us at 805-410-3880 or e-mail us