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Birds can be A Beautiful Addition to Your Life

Becoming a bird owner can be a rewarding experience, particularly for animal lovers who aren’t interested in larger pets, like cats and dogs. But a lot of people don’t realize the joy that a bird can bring to their life. We wanted to put together a quick list of reasons you should get a bird for a pet. Here are 5 reasons you should become a bird owner.

1. Low Maintenance Pets

Unlike dogs (that need to be walked) or inside cats that roam around your house, birds can be kept in a cage. That means while you’re at work you have the pleasure of knowing your bird is safely in their cage, not making a mess around the house, which both cats and dogs can do easily. What’s great about birds as pets is that they also require minimal grooming. They’re naturally clean creatures that keep their coats shiny by preening. So you don’t have to even spend time cleaning them.

2. Inexpensive to Feed

Other pets can be very expensive to feed. Fortunately birds require a minimal high quality pellet diet, which can range anywhere from $7-$15 and can last usually for more than 4 months. Not to mention that most birds can actually eat lettuce, carrots, as well as kale (all of which is easy to purchase at your local grocery store).

3. Inexpensive to Take Care Of

According to Kiplinger the first year cost for a small bird is $295 with an annual cost of $185 (assuming that there are no unforeseen vet costs of course). They also estimate a lifetime cost at $2885-$3440. That means a small bird, which can have the lifespan of 15-18 years, can be extremely affordable, long term, than bigger pets. The Spruce has even put together a helpful guide titled “The Cost of Purchasing and Caring for a Pet Bird.” This list breaks down the cost of purchasing small birds (like Canaries, Parakeets), medium birds (like Doves and Lories) and large birds (such as Macaws and Cockatoos). This guide will help any potential bird owner figure out what’s affordable for their budget.

4. They Love Small Living Spaces

Sometimes when a person is thinking about getting a pet, they realize that they may not have the physical space for one. This is particularly the case with larger pets, and living in big cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, etc. For one, you have to find out if the building even allows four-legged friends like cats and dogs, Secondly you have to decide whether or not your apartment is spacious enough for a cat or dog to roam around freely, without feeling cramped. Birds on the other hand can thrive easily in small living spaces with just a cage.

5. Birds Are Extremely Intelligent, Easy to Train, and Social

Being intelligent makes birds easier to train, than other animals. Since they are so smart, they’re interesting to watch and be around. Their love of learning makes them fun to entertain and be entertained by. But be aware that although training them might be easy, they need daily interaction with you, as well as consistent lessons. In fact, according to Healthy Pets “if they are not given regular opportunities to interact with you and learn new things they will develop emotional problems and harmful behaviors. It’s also important to understand that some birds may never learn to speak, no matter how much human time and attention they receive.”

Hopefully these tips will help inspire you to learn more about these beautiful creatures and why they make such amazing pets and beautiful friends.

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