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Pets are like members of our family. Just like children, who are excited for their holiday gifts, we also want to bring some excitement to our pets. Whether you’re looking to give them new treats or playful fun toys, we wanted to give you a few ideas of what kind of gift you can give your animal family member. Let’s break up our ideas by animals so you can see what we’ve come up with for bunnies, cats, and dogs.

Gift For Bunnies

Bunny owners know how much bunnies love to play in order to be stimulated, and to help with their vigorous personality. Bring some joy to this holiday season with this list of toys that they’ll love to play with.
• Baby toys: Hard plastic baby toys like colorful keys are great for bunnies to push around and bite.
• Balls: From plastic balls to light kids’ balls bunnies can have loads of fun pawing at these types of toys.
• Teach and Treat 3-1 Toy: Chewy.com sells a really fun game for your beloved bunny that is described as “a unique, interactive, and educational toy.”
• Bunny Fun Tree: This cure chew and scratch toy is made from pet safe materials and is ideal for a fun time for your bunny. You can buy this on Amazon.

Gift For Cats

Your cat has been having fun all year, with their usual toys and treats. Maybe this holiday season try and give them something different to completely surprise them. If they are tired of their usual toys and treats, these will definitely.
• Peek-a-Prize: Amazon lists an affordable game for your curious cat that is “designed to partially conceal toys, piquing your cat’s interest and making them paw each toy to get it out. For a real treat, try adding actual treats to the game for their tasty delight.
• Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center: Available on Amazon this great catnip spot offers 360 degrees of relaxation and grooming for your feline friend. It actually provides head, neck, face, and body massage for both small and large cats. So no matter your cat’s size, they’ll rejoice in this 360 experience.
• Catit Treat Ball Cat Toy: This fun toy will have your cat pawing at it for the treat inside. “Load the ball up with treats and as your cat swats, bats, and pounces the ball a yummy surprise is released.” That makes not only a playful toy but a refillable cat treat dispenser. You can buy it at Chewy.

Gift For Dogs

Your dog deserves to tear open gifts during the holidays as well. Why not give them something unexpected! Besides they might have completely gnawed their previous toys (or beds) to shreds.
• Memory Foam Bed: This is a must for dog owners who are looking to provide a cozier experience for your dog. We all know what it’s like to sleep on an average mattress. Well that’s a similar sleep experience your dog might be having on a typical dog bed. The Harmony Memory Foam Nester sold on Petco might just be the coziest thing they sleep on (unless you have a memory foam bed they sleep on).
• Snacks Catapult Dog Food Feeder: Your pooch always enjoys a treat and now you have inexpensive way to give them their delicious snack in a way that’s more fun for you and them. Check it out here.
• Custom Dog Biscuits: Speaking of snacks…these organic canine treats come in five mouth-slobbering flavors, like Bacon & Cheddar, Double Cheeseburger, Peanut Butter & Honey, Steak Frites, and Sweet Potato. They’re guaranteed to love these healthy snacks by Real Dogs.

Your bunny, cat, or dog, is bound to love these gifts. Whether it’s a toy, treat, or a comforting and relaxing gift for your furry family member, they will really enjoy the holiday season. As always at Peaceful Pets Aquamation we focus on the life of your pet, so making it the most enjoyable experience for them and you, means breaking up the mundane around the holiday season with fresh gifts they’ll enjoy. Keep in mind these gifts aren’t seasonal, so if they have a birthday coming up, they’ll enjoy these as a birthday gift as well! And if you need anymore useful animal or pet information follow us on Facebook!

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