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Mementos that keep the memory of your pet alive

Whether you’re looking to keep your beloved pet in a photo frame pet urn, a beautifully carved wooden box, or even a custom-made Raku urn, we have many options available for you to choose from. At Peaceful Pets, we care about the environment, which is why we carry a line of biodegradable urns as well. One of our favorites is the BioUrn kit, which comes with a handmade cotton urn, a bag for the remains, and a choice of tree or shrub that matches your climate zone. For the pet owner who wants to remember their pet in other ways, we have a variety of mementos that can be engraved with your pet’s paw and/or nose print.  There is also a selection of all kinds of jewelry.

We’re also happy to place your pet’s remains in your urn or jewelry for you at no charge.

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