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dental care for pets

February is the month for all pet owners to be aware of the dental hygiene of their pets. This is extremely important as poor dental hygiene can be detrimental to the overall health of the pet. Bad breath is one thing, but rotting teeth can cause gum/mouth infections and diseases. Pet owners must take the proper precautions to assure that their pet is safe from these problems.

Here are some at-home cleaning tips for your pet’s teeth:

  • Use a Specialty Toothbrush

For the sake of your pet’s teeth, you need to use a toothbrush that is designed for your pet. This will prevent further damage and discomfort during the teeth cleaning.

  • Don’t Use Human Toothpaste

Use toothpaste that is safe for your pet. To take it a step further, try to get your pet a flavor that he/she will enjoy. This makes the brushing experience more fun for them!

  • Lift Outer Lip

To make sure you are scrubbing the gum and the roots of the teeth, lift the outer lip to expose that area. This will help you see the areas that may be in danger of being infected.

  • Brush Gently

Just like you would do your own teeth, brush with a gentle stroke. You don’t want to irritate your pet’s teeth or gums, especially if they are already experience issues.

  • Reward Your Pet

After a successful teeth cleaning session, reward your pet with a favorite activity or positive reinforcement to show that this was a good experience.

It is crucial to brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis. Once a day is encouraged, and it is worth it for your pet. Preventing gum disease and infections will go a long way for the overall health of your pet.

At Peaceful Pets, we are invested in making sure that your pet’s smile shines bright!

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