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Eco-Friendly Pet Aftercare

Eco-Friendly and Pet Friendly Aftercare

There are several ways to look at the green benefits of Aquamation as pet aftercare. First, it is energy efficient. It actually uses 1/20th the energy and is 1/10th the carbon footprint as that of cremation. When you look at the percentages, you find that Aquamation cuts natural gas use by 90% and electricity by 66%.

Another way Aquamation is eco-friendly is through the by-product of the process, the left-over water. Remember that we and our pets are comprised of about 65% water. At the end of the process, the body has been returned to its natural form: nutrient-rich water. This is the closest process to what happens in Mother Nature. The liquid is a sterile, EPA neutral solution of amino acids, peptides, and sugars that is also suitable for use as fertilizer. Aquamation has the unique ability to be part of the circle of life.

Dr. Lisa Newell of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital says, “Aquamation is how I want pets to be treated. We come into the world from water and what’s more natural to leave the world in water?”

A Finer, Sterile, Sandier Ash

Pet Aftercare such as aquamation doesn’t preclude honoring your pet in traditional ways. You may still have a natural burial or a green funeral. Just like in cremation, the body is reduced to a mineral ash. However, Aquamation leaves a finer, sandier ash, without cremation’s grisly texture or carbon discoloration. The ash is completely sterile, so it can be buried or dispersed without any issues or problems. And, because of its sand-like appearance, many clients find it more comforting to handle.

Eco-Friendly Pet Aftercare

  • Cremation pollutes, Aquamation doesn’t
  • Aquamation is gentler on the pet, essentially accelerating what Mother Nature does
  • The cost is equal to or less than cremation and burial

The Peaceful Pets Difference

  • We handle your pet with care that has set new standards in aftercare.
  • Peaceful Pets Aquamation only hires pet lovers.
  • Your pet will be transported safely in our customized, shelved and refrigerated vehicle, the only one of its kind.
  • For all clients we create a personalized, name engraved paw print of their companion. We also offer other mementos to help you cherish your pet’s memory for years to come.

Aquamation is the Rational Choice

As Dr. Attila Molnar of Calabasas, California’s All Animals Veterinary Center shares, “What rational choice is there? Aquamation is the only choice for a responsible practice.”

Dog cremation and cat cremation are obviously what most people need an alternative to. But, Peaceful Pets can also handle exotic and small animals like birds and lizards. We have developed a process that protects the integrity of even the smallest pets. You can always be sure that the ash you receive is truly the remains of your beloved pet. We know saying goodbye is a difficult time and we are always happy to help answer your questions. Please call us at 805-410-3880 or send us a message.

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