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As Pet Parents, We Know What It’s Like With New Pets

There are things that you have to consider as a new pet owner when you’re bringing in a new pet to your home. Even things that may seem like common sense can be oversights that you make as a new animal parent. So we’ve come up with some ideas to make sure that you are armed with these very important new pet owner tips.

Animal Proof Your Place

Dogs and cats can be very mischievous. Just assuming they won’t get into an area that you prefer they don’t get into, won’t work. Not to mention the danger that could happen if your new pet steps on something that could harm them! Try crouching down and really looking at your place from the perspective of your pet. It’s the fastest way to see things that you might miss (like items underneath your bed or furniture).

But also be mindful of your electrical cords and small items that they could find and swallow! We want them to be safe in their new home and searching for possible hazards are a really good way of making sure that happens.

Another way you can make sure that your animal is safe, is by making sure that you have a barrier that either keeps them in their designated area or keeps them out of particular places you want them to stay out of. Also consider your yard and the fence you have. Animals have a tendency to be curious, even if to see what’s beyond the yard. So triple check to make sure that you don’t have any holes or gaps that they can escape through.

Animal Gear

One of the new pet owner tips we have is to make sure you have all the items that you need. For pets like cats and dogs, that includes collars, beds, toys, food dishes, and beds. Having these items ready, means you’ll be prepared to truly welcome your new pet into your home without worrying about what you need. Your new cat or dog will be grateful to already have items for them, especially toys and a comfortable bed! One of our new kitten tips is to make sure you have a litter box ready. Another tip is to make sure you clean it regularly. In fact, Pet Finder advises that you clean your litter box once or twice a day and even preferably, after your cat has went to the bathroom.

Cleaning Supplies

You have the gear that you need for your pets, but what about the supplies you’ll need to clean after them? You just don’t know how messy animals can be until you have one of your own. Cats can knock over decor and dishes from countertops, tables, and desks, easily. Dogs can fumble around on the floor knocking over anything in their path. This means you’ll need to make sure to have rags handy to clean up after them. Accidents can also happen when they use the bathroom in an area they’re not supposed to, like your carpet! You’ll need to be prepared for such accidents by having carpet cleaner, floor cleaner, and a good odor-destroying spray. You want your guests to come into your home and not realize you have a pet, until they see it, not smell it!

Training Your Pet

Patience is one of the best new puppy tips we could give you, when it comes to training. You’ll soon find out how difficult. But don’t despair! Pedigree put together a really great list of the best training tips so that you can train your puppy properly. These tips include:

• Set up their private den
• Teach them to come when called
• Reward their good behavior
• And our personal favorite: Teach them on “dog time”

Throughout their very helpful guide of training tips remember our tip for you, patience. Puppies aren’t going to understand what you say, especially when talking to them in full sentences. Keep the commands and praises short. “Good job!” “Excellent!” “Come here,” etc. Above all remember to be patient as they learn what behavior is and isn’t acceptable.

Make Sure You’re Available

When you get a new pet, it’s your responsibility to be available for your new friend. This means not taking any sudden trips away or even going out after work every night. The first few months are an important time to bond with a new pet. For rescue animals, leaving them alone at your place constantly can be frightening for them. The same goes for leaving them in someone else’s care while you go on your weekend getaway.

Now we’re not saying you can’t attend your friend’s birthday party, or go to your parent’s place for dinner, but the more you’re available for your pet, the stronger the bond can become, and the more comfortable the pet will be in your presence. But be careful, being too available means your pet will become attached to you and may become needy or have separation anxiety (this is one of the big tips for first time dog owners). Puppy Leaks provides really good tips on preventing what they call “Velcro dog syndrome.”

It’s all worth it

We hope that our tips for first time cat owners and dog owners will be helpful to you with welcoming the newest member to your home. Keep in mind, safety is important for your pet, so take an extra special look at your home so there’s no future injury to your pets. And remember, patience isn’t just for training them; it’s for getting used to their behavior and getting used to their accidents. Don’t forget that no matter how stressful it might feel as a first time pet owner, the love and the joy that you share with your new pet will be endless!

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