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Los Angeles, California

los angeles In Los Angeles County it is estimated that there are over 2.6 MILLION privately owned cats and dogs. Conversely, in the actual City of Los Angeles, there aren’t as many as you would think: 367,000 dogs and 254,000 cats. And, despite the fact that there seems to be a vet hospital on every corner in the city, Los Angeles city residents are much less likely to have a pet than others in the country. About 20% of households have a dog in LA, but that compares to 39% across the nation. It’s similar with cat owners: 13% of LA citizens have a cat, but 32% of people do in the rest of the country. We would have never guessed that! That means that 80% of the city doesn’t know what they’re missing! Regardless, LA is still a big place and we still have a lot of Fido’s and Fluffy’s in town!

What we do….

Going through the death of your pet is a tough, painful time. But, it’s also a time to celebrate the life you had with them. We, at Peaceful Pets Aquamation, want to help you through this period. We didn’t come from the aftercare industry. We designed our company around our wishes and needs for our own dogs’ aftercare. We treat them as family members and ensuring their care was important to us. Since we couldn’t find a company we were comfortable with, we created our own! In Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter, you won’t find anyone like us.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation is the most written about and one of the best reviewed pet aftercare companies in the country. The other important aspect of our company is that we use a green process. As one of the first companies to use aquamation (as opposed to cremation), we have more experience with the process than any other company. As Californians, you might have already heard of it. Beginning in 2020, aquamation will be available for humans in California. It was big, national news. We join an ever-expanding list of states who have legalized it for humans. It’s already available in 35 states for animals. Why is it becoming so popular? For starters, it uses 1/20th of the energy compared to cremation and is 1/10th the carbon footprint. It’s water based and far gentler on our pets than traditional fire-based cremation. Our company in 2017, by vet hospitals switching from cremation to aquamation, stopped almost 600,000 lbs. of greenhouse gases from being broadcast into the atmosphere. To put that in perspective, it’s equal to approximately 300,000 lbs. of raw coal being burned.

How Do I Pick An Aftercare Company?

What should you be looking for in an aftercare company? Aftercare is an unregulated business and you want to make sure that your vet is using someone you’re comfortable with. How do they transport and store your pet? How do they make sure that you’re getting your pet back? Do they have grief support resources? Do they have mementos that you can get to remember your pet? And, you might have more questions. Whatever those questions are, make sure that your vet can answer them, so that you are comfortable in what is a painful and stressful time.

Finding An Affiliated Hospital

We work with quite a few vet hospitals in the Los Angeles area and we’re adding more all the time. However, even if we don’t work with your hospital, we’ve never encountered a veterinarian who wouldn’t honor your request to use Peaceful Pets Aquamation.

Please look over the our website and if there are any questions we can answer for you, don’t hesitate to call!

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