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Pasadena, California

pasadena We LOVE Pasadena! Besides being beautiful, it’s an incredibly pet friendly city. And, there’s a lot of California history swirling around Pasadena. It’s the oldest suburb in all of Los Angeles, having been incorporated in 1886! The original settlers mostly came from Indiana – wealthy Hoosiers flocked to Pasadena to escape their harsh winters. It’s exactly why there were so many elegant hotels built here. How the times have changed — if you pop into town today, not only will you still find great hotels, but 36 of them are pet friendly!

The Benefits of Aquamation

When we first opened Peaceful Pets Aquamation, two Pasadena veterinary hospitals were the first to embrace us: Animal AM Emergency Clinic and the Exotic Animal Veterinary Center. Why did they take a chance on a brand new company in an industry populated by a bunch of old time crematories? Two reasons:
We were one of the first companies in Southern California to offer aquamation for pets. It’s a big deal environmentally. Compared to cremation it uses 1/20th of the energy and is 1/10th of the carbon footprint. For every average sized dog that gets cremated, approximately 100 lbs. of greenhouse gas is launched into the air. When you think about the millions of animals cremated each year, the amount of pollution is staggering. Aquamation is simply a cleaner alternative. The process essentially replicates exactly what happens in nature when you bury a body, but accelerates the process. It’s far more natural and gentler than cremation. It’s also non-toxic – it actually renders chemotherapy and euthanasia drugs left in the body completely benign. In fact, aquamation is so effective, it is how Mad Cow Disease was eradicated – it nullifies viruses in the same way.

The second reason is that we weren’t fans of traditional crematories. They tend to be commodity-based businesses, not personal ones. Our pets are part of our family and that was how it was with all the other pet-loving families we knew. So, we designed our own aftercare company and modeled it on how we wanted our pets cared for. Our procedures are unlike any others: we transport pets differently, store them differently, have proprietary software to ensure pets aren’t “mixed” up, have created a line of mementos that have paws and noses engraved on them and much, much more.

We’ve had more articles written on us than any other aftercare company in the country. We’re also one of the best reviewed, including a 5-star Yelp rating and the winner of the I Love Yelp Award two years running.

Aftercare Companies Aren’t Created Equally

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Like any unregulated (and, for that matter, many regulated) industries, there are good guys and bad guys. Do your own research, check reviews and talk to your veterinarian.
How do they transport and store your pet?
How do they make sure that you’re getting your pet back?
Do they have grief support resources?
Do they have mementos that you can get to remember your pet?
Whether you choose us or not, we believe that aquamation companies are the best solution. Better for your pet and better for the environment.

Pasadena Veterinary Hospitals

We obviously love the Pasadena hospitals we work with, but we’ve worked for clients at almost all the city’s hospitals. We’ve never encountered a veterinarian who wouldn’t honor your request to use Peaceful Pets Aquamation. Let them know that wish to use us and we’ll schedule a time to pick-up your pet. We’ll also return the remains and any mementos back to the same hospital so it will be convenient for you.

If you’re a pet lover in Pasadena, and have lost a companion, we’re here to help you. We’re one of the rare businesses that don’t want to hear from our clients, but when we do, they know that they can count on us.

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