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Rescue Group Partners

Giving Back To Pet Rescue Groups

Pet’s form an everlasting love with our families which is why we at Peaceful Pets Aquamation are committed to working within our community to improve the lives of all animals. Our company was created on the principle of providing environmentally friendly after care services for grieving pet owners. This one done because we know how important pets are to the families that use our services. Love and care is given to pets when they are no longer with us and we take even greater care of the pets still part of our lives. We have partnered with various pet rescue groups as a way for us to improve the life and longevity of all animals.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation has partnered with various local pet rescue groups in an effort to help as many pets as we can. As part of this commitment we donate 5% of the cost of an Aquamation when our customers who are involved with a pet rescue group, mentions one of the rescue groups we endorse. Simply use our services and we will donate 5% of the aquamation directly to the rescue group on your behalf. Many of these pet rescue groups depend on yearly donations and contributions which is why we want to help them any way we can.

Saying goodbye is not an easy thing to do and we are here to help. If you find yourself having trouble grieving the loss of a pet, there are many resources available through our website that can help you overcome the loss. Be sure to review the resources in our Grieving Support page or by clicking here (Grieving Support) to seek the help you need.

Our Partner Rescue Groups

Gibbon Conservation Center
Santa Clarita
(661) 296-2737

Beagle Freedom Project
Valley Village
(323) 371-5971

SPCA Los Angeles
LA County
(323) 730-5300

Serenity Place Rescue
West Hills, CA
(818) 999-4022

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