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4 Places to Take Your Dog This Summer

There is no shortage of places to take your dog this summer when it comes to Los Angeles. L.A. is a big, sprawling city and with that comes a surplus of activity for all walks of life. The rents may be exuberant and the streets may be crowded but tucked away in this thriving metropolis are a few local spots where you and your best little bud can have a great time together. Here are four places that really shine when it comes to spending time with your canine pal.

Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park

When it comes to hiking trails, Eaton Canyon is one of the better places to take your dog. Coming in at around three miles round trip, this trail is a relatively quick hike compared to some of the other available trails in the city. Eaton Canyon also comes with one major perk – a 40 foot waterfall. Your little buddy will love gallivanting around the falls after getting some much needed cardio. Make your next walk a little different by visiting the Eaton Canyon Natural Area Park. But okay, let’s say a three mile hike seems like too much after a long work week. How about something a little more luxurious?

The Village at Westfield Topanga

The Village at Westfield Topanga provides a great space to bring your four-legged friend and do some shopping for yourself. This ranks as one of the better places to take your dog by virtue of its aesthetics as well as accommodations. The Village is designed to look like a small town – a far cry from what most locations in the city look like – and has water stations for dogs should your little friend get thirsty. Keep in mind that this is a spot frequented by other pet owners. However, your dog will have plenty of company if it plays well with others! But let’s say you don’t want to travel so far north and are feeling a bit hungry…

Messhall Kitchen

Boasting a great location and access to water bowls this is a great place for you and your companion to grab a bite to eat after a long day! The patio at Messhall Kitchen is a great place to take your dog when you just want to have a simple break from the norm. Your little pal can receive a treat from the hostess stand while you indulge in their Mess Burger or one of their many other great meals. When it comes to pet friendly restaurants they’re tough to beat. Now let’s say your dog has had its fill but still has some energy left over to do a little bit of play time…

Zoom Room

“Our goal is to fill the world with happy, tired dogs” is one of the slogans of this local hot spot and we believe that to be a great philosophy. From the classes, indoor dog park, assortment of dog toys and private playgrounds – this is one of the more active places to bring your dog. You can’t just drop your little friend off either as companionship is one of the core tenants of zoom room’s program. With Zoom Room you can even set up playgroups and parties to really bring out the social nature of your best little friend. Zoom Room also comes with one major perk exclusively for dog owners: Free coffee.

No matter what kind of day you want to have with your dog, Los Angeles has plenty of places to spend quality time with your favorite little friend. Here at Peaceful Pets we encourage you to get active this summer and take a day trip to one of these wonderful places, your dog will love you for it.


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