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We’ve been fortunate enough to have had many articles written about Peaceful Pets and the process of Aquamation. We’re always excited to educate pet owners on what we feel is the “responsible way of saying goodbye to your pet.” Look at some of the articles that have been written about us.

Santa Barbara Independent:
Don’t Cremate; Aquamate

Pet Me! Magazine:
Giving Departed Pets a Green, Gentle Farewell (page 1, page 2)

San Gabriel Valley Examiner:
Giving Departed Pets a Green, Gentle Farewell: Vets & Pet Owners Are Opting For An Eco-Friendly, Water-based Alternative To Pet Cremation

Love Pets:
Help Your Pet Go Gently Into That Good Night

She Knows:
9 Creative ways to commemorate the loss of a pet

Veterinary Practice News:
Aquamation: A Dignified, Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Pet Cremation or Burial

Malibu Times Magazine:
Saying Goodbye to a Loved One: Jerry Shevick gives people an alternate way to say a fond farewell to four-legged family members

Puppy Up:
Aquamation — Responsible and Honorable Aftercare for Our Pets

Culver City Observer:
A Peaceful Option for Pet’s Final Journey

SF Examiner:
Peaceful Pets Aquamation: A dignified eco-friendly alternative to cremation

The Acorn:
When it’s time to say goodbye to a pet pal

Aquamation: An Alternative for Pets

VC Reporter:
Goodbye, Pet Cemetery

A Green Alternative to Cremation: We Talk With Jerry Shevick of Peaceful Pets Aquamation

Santa Monica Mirror:
Aquamation Dignifies Pets With An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Cremation

I Heart Dogs:
10 Unique Ways to Remember a Dog Who Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Malibu Patch:
Giving Departed Pets A Green, Gentle Farewell: Area Vets Like Malibu Veterinary Clinic and Malibu Coast Animal Hospital & Pet Owners Are Opting For An Eco-friendly, Water-based Alternative To Pet Cremation

What’s Aquamation? An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Pet Cremation

Los Angeles Daily News:
New ‘petuary’ liquifies deceased pets, green alternative to cremation

The San Diego Union-Tribune:
Pet burials range from bottom of sea to sky above

Ventura County Star:
Aquamation offers another way to say goodbye to beloved pet

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