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Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a bit of a playground for pets!  Plenty of beaches, tree-lined streets, outdoor malls and one of LA’s great parks, Will Rogers State Historic Park. Santa Monica beachBack in the mid-twentieth century, as nearby Hollywood kept growing and growing, stars like Greta Garbo, Cary Grant bought huge ranches in Santa Monica. In fact, the ginormous Will Rogers State Park was originally his ranch!  In a lasting vestige of the rich sporting class, you can even see polo matches at the park!

Nothing beats Santa Monica for fun and sun and entertainment.  It’s been that way since the late 1800s. By the early twentieth century, there were no less than five amusement piers in Santa Monica alone.  There’s just one left, but it’s the oldest in the country and a proud landmark of the city.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation has many clients in Santa Monica.  They might be an aftercare company, but they are more than that to their clients.  They’re part of the pet community and like to celebrate the lives of everyone’s pets.  It’s part of their culture: Owners Jerry and Susan have six dogs, right-hand Blaire has two dogs and a cat, and everyone else here has some kind of furry companion.  Their attachment to the pet world is one of the reasons PPA has won I Love Yelp awards two years running and has a social media following bigger than most vet hospitals!

What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation is turning into a big deal!  As a green alternative to cremation, it’s been around for a couple of decades, but it’s only in the last seven years that it penetrated the consumer market.  But, how does it work? It’s an incredibly simple process: in fact, all it does is mimic Mother Nature. When a body is buried, it decomposes by interacting with alkali, microbes, heat, and moisture.  Aquamation does the exact same thing but substitutes water flow for microbes. The body is essentially reduced to life’s building blocks in 20 hours as opposed to decades. California has now joined 17 other states in legalizing it for humans last year.  Aquamation companies for pets are now in 35 states!

There’s a pretty obvious reason why interest is exploding:  climate change. Aquamation uses 1/20th of the energy compared to cremation and is 1/10 the carbon footprint.  PPA, a small to mid-size company, helped reduce greenhouse gas by almost 600,000 lbs. last year.  In 2019, they hope to reach 1 million lbs. While aquamation alone doesn’t bail us out, it is an easy choice that contributes to the solution.  Plus, it’s gentler on our pets, costs the same or less than cremation, accelerates the natural process, and the left-over water has promised to be a fantastic fertilizer, enabling PPA to give nature back it’s organic elements and not pollute the atmosphere.

Which Santa Monica Veterinarians Use Aquamation?

Vet hospitals in Santa Monica that use aquamation are growing every day, but it still isn’t widespread.  Let your vet know that you’re interested in aquamation!Even if your hospital doesn’t use aquamation, rarely, if ever, will a hospital not honor your aftercare wishes.  Let the hospital know that aquamation is your choice and then call PPA. PPA will put it all together and even deliver the remains back to your hospital.


The Peaceful Pets Aquamation Difference.

Not all aftercare companies are created equal.  When Jerry designed PPA, it was with the firm conviction that aftercare was an archaic commodity-based industry, while today’s pet owners wanted personal treatment for their pets.  So, PPA is put together quite differently. They transport and store pets in a more dignified and respectful way. They’ve built sophisticated software that tracks your pet all through the process right through to when the remains are returned to you.  It’s a powerful and necessary tool, which is unfortunately uncommon in the industry. PPA also realized that we want to remember our pets in different ways, so they’ve created numerous mementos and keepsakes, engraved with your pet’s nose and/or paw print.  All in all, it’s a different level of care for your family member and one that also has the advantage of being environmentally responsible.

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