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They made my worst nightmare seem less nightmarish. They were kind every time I called crying over my loss. They delivered Beau at home and she was so kind. My Beau was my heart and soul and they did a wonderful job.

Thank you

Van Nuys   

We had no idea what Aquamation was or that it would be used on Weeble. We just had her sent to whichever company Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital used. Other companies asked that we request a paw print for an additional cost, and told us when our pet was picked up. In this case, we weren't asked if we wanted a print or told when Weeble was picked up. I was a little nervous.

Suddenly, Weeble appeared at my door. Her paw print was included and looked a million times better than the ones we paid extra for. Her name was spelled out in cursive, and the print was attached to a beautiful multi-jewel chain. Weeble's ashes were NOTICEABLY cleaner and beautifully packaged in an olive ring box with a heart paw print. on top. We bought separate urns before, but might hold off this time because this box is really chic and perfect for now.

Now we were REALLY curious about this Peaceful Pets Aquamation company, because let's be honest, I had just run in to an emergency hospital saying my cat is either dead or dying, I wasn't really paying attention after that. Luckily Susan and Jerry included a hand signed card. First of all, aquamation is really amazing for a lot of reasons. Environmentally it sounds great and part of me is comforted by the fact that it seems much more peaceful for my pet. It sounds far less traumatic and dramatic.

Part of the card says they work with a variety of rescue groups and charities. We do rescue work as well (that's how we got Weeble) and I already highly recommended Peaceful Pets Aquamation to one of the gals in charge of the rescue...for that day no one wants to deal with).


Murray’s memory will live on forever with me, thanks to you.

Thank you so much for your warm compassion and your very professional services. You helped make a very difficult time more bearable with your kindness— it is a gift.

It is inspiring that you built a company based on compassion for animals and our environment — certainly simpatico with our ideals and day to day actions.

We all just wanted to say thank you for everything you do to make after care a more personal and special experience for our clients and for everyone in the community. You do a great job and we appreciate you!

I have always struggled personally with the idea of cremation and thus I had such peace of mind this time knowing Lady was being taken care of in such a gentle manner and surrounded by such caring people.

I could not imagine a more beautiful presentation or a lovelier note to comfort me.

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