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We saw the need for an aftercare company that transparently gave respectful and personal care to our pets. When we came down to it, we wanted to be a company run by pet lovers for pet lovers. We also felt that, in today’s world, being environmentally responsible is an important part of honoring our pets and protecting our planet. So, we designed Peaceful Pets from the ground up, to take care of your pets in the exact same way we want our own pets to be treated. And we decided to use the technology called aquamation. Aquamation is water-based and 100% green, providing huge benefits over fire-based cremation. It replicates and accelerates the natural process of decomposition, making it the most natural aftercare available. Peaceful Pets Aquamation has become a world leader in setting a new standard for the care of your pets.

Kaila M. says on Yelp: “Don’t even think about cremation or burial, Peaceful Pets is honestly the only truly loving, caring honest place to take your pets for their final trip.”

Many people haven’t heard of aquamation because it has only become available to the public in the last few years; however, it has been the preferred method of aftercare for universities and large organizations for decades. It is not only a 100% green, water-based system, but a far gentler process than fire-based pet cremation. It works by replicating what happens to a body when buried and is, in fact, just an acceleration of what Mother Nature does. Your pet’s ash is returned in a decorative urn and includes a personalized, laser engraved paw print on an elegant round of bamboo. As pet owners, we know what it’s like to have to grieve such a difficult loss. That’s why we make the process friendly, seamless, and loving, because we understand you want the best for your pet’s aftercare. Few, if any, companies go to the extent we do.

Aquamation: Gentle & Loving Pet Aftercare

We all just wanted to say thank you for everything you do to make after care a more personal and special experience for our clients and for everyone in the community. You do a great job and we appreciate you!
The Staff at St. Francis Pet Clinic
I have always struggled personally with the idea of cremation and thus I had such peace of mind this time knowing Lady was being taken care of in such a gentle manner and surrounded by such caring people.
Kathy W.
I could not imagine a more beautiful presentation or a lovelier note to comfort me.
Valeri Y.

Alternative to Cremation

Aquamation is the newest, safest and most natural process that you can have done for your pet. As an alternative to traditional cremation, it is far superior in almost every way. Cremation requires enormous amounts of energy and, consequently, releases tons of toxic, green house gases into the atmosphere. Aquamation only uses 1/20th of the energy that cremation does and has zero toxic emissions.

In fact, Aquamation’s entire carbon footprint is only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces. It also:

  • Cuts natural gas use by 90%Certification for Green Businesses
  • Cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 90%
  • Cuts electricity by 66%
  • Is 100% mercury free

For pet owners who care about the environment, Aquamation is by far the safest and only choice. Read more about the process of Aquamation.

As with any new process, there can be some confusion as companies try to capitalize on it. There are three choices for a pet’s aftercare: Aquamation, cremation, and burial. There is no such thing as cremation by water, water cremation, or aqua cremation. Cremation is an oxidative process, meaning it reduces a body by incinerating it. Aquamation is a gentler, water based process, far from cremation.

Murray’s memory will live on forever with me, thanks to you.
Jessika and Shohei
Thank you so much for your warm compassion and your very professional services. You helped make a very difficult time more bearable with your kindness— it is a gift.
It is inspiring that you built a company based on compassion for animals and our environment — certainly simpatico with our ideals and day to day actions.
Julian & Mike C.

Your Pet Deserves the Best

We know losing your companion is difficult and we want to help you through it. We’ve been through it ourselves and we get it. At Peaceful Pets, we are always available to talk to and advise you. We can also be a comforting resource for pet owners, whether answering your questions, helping you select mementos or just listening to a story. Whatever you need, we’ll help you through this difficult time.

Big or small, cats or dogs, reptiles, exotic animals, and every other kind of pet in between…we are proud to offer you an environmentally superior and far gentler process for our companions, who deserve no less.

Nancy W. says on yelp: “Wonderful……You can really tell the care and love they put into giving him the respect he deserved….Professional, good for the environment, and caring.”

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